NWC Naturals (Total Zymes & Biotics)

Total-Zymes & Total-Biotics
Universal Enzyme formula

These products assist pets in digestion by breaking down the fundamental components of their food (with enzymes) and creating a healthy digestive machine to absorb nutrients (via pro-biotics). Even if our pet’s diet consists of kibble, raw or canned food for their nutrient base, complete digestion is essential. No matter the quality of their base diet, if the pet’s digestive abilities are compromised, the nutrition will not be available. Total-Zymes® & Total-Biotics™ assures nutrient availability and absorption. Total-Zymes® Pet Digestive Powder is a high performance, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula utilizing 14 vegetarian enzymes and L.E.A.D.S®, a Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®. The L.E.A.D.S.® system, first used in human nutrition, optimizes the enzymatic effectiveness in your pets digestive tract using chelated minerals that activate the enzymes. Full enzymatic activity assures complete digestion and assimilation of all your pets’ food at a cellular level.

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