KCC Naturals

Independent family owned and operated farms have brought to market all-natural, high-quality, wholesome and great tasting products for consumers, restaurants, retailers and institutions since the 1980’s. KCC Naturals, located in Maryland, is a division of KCC Natural Farms. KCC has been an agriculture innovator in hydroponics, aquaculture and humanly raising their flocks long before consumers demanded it. Today we continue processing both human and pet products with a farming philosophy we call “high protein” nutrition.

In 2009 our customers began inquiring about our premium products for their pets. They were looking for a pet treat they could trust to be high-quality, all-natural and delicious. By 2010 KCC Natural Farms was offering freeze dried dog and cat treat products to its current customers in local pet stores and at community farmers markets. As interest in our freeze dried products grew, in 2014, KCC Natural Farms divided its human products and pet products. KCC Natural Farms Dog & Cat Treats became KCC Naturals, Farm Fetched® Freeze Dried Pet Products. We continue our commitment to food nutrition and are focused on making pets and pet parents the healthiest and happiest around!

Because pets are an important member of the family, we at KCC work very hard reaching out to our local farming network community who shares our growing philosophy to produce the highest quality proteins possible. This ensures our pet treats are single ingredient proteins, free of antibiotics, additives, grains, gluten and hormones.

KCC Naturals and KCC Natural Farms are proud to support the Maryland Department of Agriculture Spay and Neuter Program. This program is designed to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs euthanized in overpopulated shelters across the state. This program funding provides competitive grants to local governments and animal welfare organizations that promote and provide spay and neuter services and educational outreach, emphasizing efforts that serve low income communities and populations.

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