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These are the only treats that put bacon where it belongs… first! We are so excited to launch these innovations in freeze-dried treats. The Stewart brand is synonymous with premium dog treats and our new Bacon Pop-Its are no exception.

Bacon is the MAIN ingredient in all three of our Bacon Pop-Its® recipes. Carefully crafted in our Dayton, Ohio kitchen these freeze dried treats are a true innovation! This limited ingredient recipe is made with real cooked bacon, pork loin, reduced fat cheese to provide high quality protein and an irresistible taste no dog can refuse.

  • Real pork bacon, pork loin and reduced fat cheddar cheese in every bite!
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. No corn, wheat or soy.
  • Uncured bacon means no added nitrates or nitrites.
  • Limited number of human-quality, USDA certified ingredients.
  • Patent pending recipe is shelf stable for 18 months.
  • 100% sourced and made in the USA!

We challenge you to take a look at the bacon treats currently offered in your store(s) and compare our ingredients. In many cases, you won’t even find real bacon in the recipes of many “bacon” treats currently in the market. If you do find bacon, it’s in a long list of fillers and other ingredients to reduce the cost and nutritional value.


Weight (lbs.)  Number of Treats
Under 10 lbs. Up to 3 Treats/Day
10 – 25 lbs. Up to 6 Treats/Day
25 – 50 lbs. Up to 11 Treats/Day
50 – 75 lbs. Up to 14 Treats/Day
Over 75 lbs. Up to 20 Treats/Day

Ingredients Bacon Cheeseburger:

Pork Bacon, Pork Loin, Cheddar Cheese, Oat Flour, Beef, Tomato, Inulin, Tocopherols

Ingredients Bacon & Cheese

Pork Bacon, Pork Loin, Cheddar Cheese, Oat Flour, Sweet Potato, Inulin, Tocopherols

Ingredients Bacon Cheese & Egg

Pork Bacon, Pork Loin, Cheddar Cheese, Oat Flour, Egg, Sweet Potato, Inulin, Tocopherols


Guaranteed Analysis

  • Minimum Protein 30%
  • Minimum Fat 24.90%
  • Maximum Fiber 2.50%
  • Maximum Moisture 7%

Calorie Content

  • Calories Calculated 4536 ME Kcal/Kg or 16 Kcal per treat

Use treats within 28 days of opening. For optimal freshness keep sealed between servings. To be fed as a treat only in addition to a complete and balanced diet. Treats servings per day should equal no more than 10% of your dog’s total calorie intake.

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