Deodorizing Super Absorbent Cat Litter Additive

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Deodorizing Super Absorbent Cat Litter Additive

Super absorbent and a proprietary blend of micro-nutrient salts are formulated to create the most effective Odor and Moisture control additive available. Safe for use in all litters with all cats, Odor-No-More™ is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The micro-nutrient salts in the formulation are typically found in multi-vitamins. Cats love it and people do too.

Lightly cast Odor-No-More on cat litter and blend. When you replace cat litter add a small amount with new litter. The result is a cleaner and drier litter box, WITHOUT THE ODOR

Cleaner & Drier = Safer & Healthier

Additional benefits include:

  • Cost Savings- Product usage significantly reduces the large quantities of cat litter in the box and eliminates the need for box liners; pays for itself!
  • Maintenance and Disposal – The small volume of product and reduced amount of litter saves time associated with maintaining the litter box.


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