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Natural Shampoo

All our natural shampoo bars are carefully hand crafted in small batches from fragrant cocout oil and other high-quality essential plant oils, neem extracts and botanical ingredients. The result is a hand and body bar that’s luxurious, long lasting, mild, and deliciously scented to repel insects. Neem protects, nourishes and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. With 15% neem leaf extract and 5% certified Organic Neem oil, this bar is ideal for repelling insects on dogs and people. REPEL is great for routine pet baths, but biodegradable and easy for people to use camping, hiking, or before spending time outdoors. Like all of our natural shampoo bars, REPEL is Paraben Free,  Sulfate Free, and Gluten Free.  Wondercide bar soaps are made with sustainably harvested, certified organic oils, sea salts, botanicals and essential oils from fruits, vegetables, and plants.  We only source fair trade ingredients of the highest quality to help you protect the ones you love.

Shampoo Bar

The REPEL Citronella and Geranium shampoo bar is the ultimate in outdoor protection, combining essential natural ingredients for long lasting effects.  Our Neem soap contains organic cold pressed neem oil, organic neem leaf extract, fresh organic Aloe Vera, essential oils of citronella and fragrant geranium. The REPEL soap bar is simple to use as hand soap in the bathroom or kitchen, essential anti-bacterial action for raw food preperation. This powerful neem soap with citronella and geranium is superb for routine dog bathes, leaving a clean, soft coat and lasting protection from insect bites.

Shampoo Bar Features

Gently Cleans Skin, Hands, Hair, & Coat
May provide Anti-Bacterial Protection
May REPEL insects with aromatic essential oils
Aloe Vera & Neem Oil Promote Healing and Health
No Chemicals or Alcohol
No Parabens, No Sulfates, or Gluten

Gentle enough to use several times a week for cleaning dry itchy skin and to protect against insect bites.  This REPEL shampoo bar made with Neem oil and Citronella is safe for you, your pack and the environment. 100% Biodegradable.


Coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, organic fresh neem leaf extract, fresh organic aloe vera gel, cold-pressed neem oil, essential oils of citronella & geranium, & natural sea salt.