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Core Hemp Supplement contains 100% full spectrum American grown and processed hemp oil. Also known as PCR oil. (Phyto Cannabinoid Rich)The bottle contains 500 drops supplying 500 milligrams of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids at a ratio of one full milligram per drop

Probiotics Now for both pets and people
Probiotics Supports calm mental state
Probiotics Joints and Mobility Support
Probiotics Wellbeing and overall health
Probiotics Not an isolate, 100% natural
Probiotics Non-habit forming
Probiotics Super controllable serving size
Probiotics Each drop is exactly one full milligram
Probiotics 100% American grown hemp
ProbioticsGrown in the USA
Probiotics Blended and bottled in the USA
Probiotics Naturally nutty flavor

Core-Hemp™  could be the key to unlock your own, as well as your pet’s health. Realizing your full health potential by supporting overall mind and body balancing. Now you and your pet can be as healthy and happy as possible. The bottle contains 500 milligrams of full spectrum PCR in a base of organic hemp oil. With Core-Hemp™ there is no psychotropic effect and it is not habit forming. Easy to take each drop contains one full milligram of PCR.

Core-Hemp™ is grown, processed and bottled in the USA and is Non-GMO. 100% Hemp product, NO coconut oil or MCTs.

The bottle contains 500 milligrams of full spectrum PCR in a base of organic hemp oil.  There are many health benefits when consuming organic hemp oil for yourself as well as for your pet. It is loaded with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, full of naturally occurring Terpenes.

Our hemp is grown, processed, and bottled in the USA and is Non-GMO. 100% Hemp product, NO coconut oil or MCTs. Be cautious and watch out for those who do not use full spectrum hemp oil and add other ingredients that dilute down the effect of the hemp oil. Don’t buy isolates or synthetics, only consume full spectrum hemp oil.cbd for pets

With Core-Hemp’s naturally nutty flavor, just put it on a treat, give it to your pet they will thank you for it.  Or just put the drops directly in your mouth with our dropper, hold under the tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow. A great natural supplement that is recommended for daily use or when needed.

Veterinarian recommended.  Human-grade, Non-Psychoactive.  Made in USA without using harmful extraction techniques. 100% American grown hemp Grown in the great state of Kentucky.

Blended and bottled in Orange County California.


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